Named Chairs

The research activity in the department is divided into four main areas: Biochemistry and Genomics, Cell Biology and Genetics, Molecular Microbiology, and Structural Biology.

The Academic Leadership for both teaching and research in each of these research areas, was conferred upon Prof Neil Hunter (Krebs Chair in Biochemistry), Prof Stuart Wilson (Roper Chair in Genetics), Prof David Rice (Harrison Chair in Structural Biology), Prof Jon Waltho (Gibson Chair in Biophysics) to complement the existing West Riding Chair in Microbiology currently held by Prof Robert Poole.

Krebs Chair in Biochemistry

Founder: Sir Hans Krebs


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Holder: Professor Neil Hunter

Neil Hunter

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Roper Chair in Genetics

Founder: Professor Alan Roper

Alan Roper

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Holder: Professor Stuart Wilson


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Harrison Chair in Structural Biology

Founder: Prof Pauline Harrison

Pauline Harrison

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Holder: Prof David Rice

David Rice

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West Riding Chair in Microbiology

Founder: Prof Sidney Elsden

Sidney Elsden

Holder: Prof Robert Poole

Robert Poole

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Gibson Chair in Biophysics

Founder: Quentin H Gibson


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Holder: Prof Jon Waltho

Jon Waltho

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