Engaging families with science


We are fortunate in that one of the early career researchers in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is Dr Nate Adams. Nate is an enthusiastic communicator, with already an impressive CV, including having acted as a consultant for several TV programmes including BBC science.

He has done many science demonstrations and lectures for schools and young people, including at Discovery Night (photo on the right), and is now focussing his efforts on engaging families as being a better way of supporting career aspirations and helping young people sustain their interest in science.

Recent activities have included presenting a demonstration on Throwing Spanners at Nanobots at SMASHfestUK, an innovative family science festival in a deprived area of London. This explores Nate's research, which uses an improved understanding of photosynthesis to help food security and sustainability.

To find out more about Nate's research, visit his profile.