A question of taste

Image - A question of tasteHands on DNA: A Question of Taste is a practical molecular biology workshop for A-level students that covers DNA extraction, PCR, Restriction Digests and Gel Electrophoresis.

Students are able to use equipment and biological materials which are not commonly available in school. Some items, students may have only read about in textbooks or seen on TV.

Students extract their own DNA (from cheek cells) and analyse them by PCR ('gene footprinting') to tell if they have the gene for tasting PTC, which is what makes sprouts taste bitter. Did you know that some of us genuinely don't taste them as bitter because we have a different gene?

The full day workshop takes place in the Perak teaching laboratories and is delivered by PhD students and early career researchers from Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Workshops are also delivered as part of festivals and special university events and these are open to all members of the public.