We went to Sheffield

Andre Ferreira

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Director, Airstock

Andre Ferreira"The most important thing I learned at University was probably critical and analytical thinking in general."

Michael Thoroughgood

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Director, Eadon Consulting

Michael Thoroughgood"As well as all of the engineering knowledge gained the most important thing that I learnt at uni was probably how working as a team can accomplish great things."

Sarah Tomlinson

MEng and PhD Mechanical Engineering

Patent Attorney, Withers & Rogers

Sarah Tomlinson"My day-to-day work is varied and in general includes drafting patent applications, writing to the Patent Office to explain why a patent should be granted and suggesting possible amendments to patent applications to allow them to proceed to grant."

Dilan Paranavithana

MEng MEchanical Engineering

Composites Manufacturing Engineer, Rolls-Royce

Dilan Paranavithana"During my penultimate year of university I attended a friend’s graduation project presentation at Rolls-Royce, Derby. Inspired, I successfully applied for Rolls-Royce’s engineering graduate scheme, after which I pursued several short placements in the company for 18 months."

Ishani Naik

MSc (Res) Mechanical Engineering

Piping stress engineer, Fluor

Ishani Naik (thumbnail)"The journey of learning, which I called exciting at Sheffield University, is turning into a roller coaster! The more I learn every day, the more I realise how little I know!"

Phil Houghton

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Aerodynamicist, Ferrari Forumla 1

Phil Houghton (thumbnail)"I had a strong interest in aerodynamics and composites, which opened the door into the automotive industry and eventually to my dream job at Ferrari Formula 1."

Andrew Jackson

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Associate Partner, Foster + Partners

Andrew Jackson"The problems I have been faced with at Foster + Partners have varied in scale, from master planning at a city scale down to the design of individual building components like bespoke air diffusers, which necessitate very different analytical and empirical approaches. So it’s a fantastic challenge for an engineer."

Henry Brunskill

MEng and PhD Mechanical Engineering

Head of Tribology and Applications

Henry Brunskill"My current position at Tribosonics gives me the opportunity to travel and interact with some of the leading engineering organisations worldwide, allowing me to work closely with many talented and experienced engineers and further my development."

David A. Lara Ramos

MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

PhD at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research

David Lara Ramos"At the University of Sheffield, I developed many of the necessary research skills that I use now days in my everyday research duties."

Rasan Chandra

MEng Mechanical Engineering with a year in industry

Rasan Chandra"During my 3rd year at university, I applied for and secured a Year in Industry with AB Sugar as a Mechanical Engineering Placement Student. This was a crucial point for me as it steered me towards securing a graduate job with British Sugar."