Rasan Chandra

MEng Mechanical Engineering with a year in industry


When he graduated in 2016, Rasan secured a Graduate job with British Sugar and is now based at the Bury St Edmunds factory.

His role as a Graduate is to acquire extensive technical knowledge of the sugar manufacturing process within one year through being actively involved with factory operations and organising training sessions. He assists the on-site shift with ensuring steady factory operation and troubleshooting, while participating in management meetings to discuss current issues and set targets which will prepare him for a managerial role towards the end of his Graduate Scheme.

Rasan says, "During my 3rd year at university, I applied for and secured a Year in Industry with AB Sugar as a Mechanical Engineering Placement Student. This was a crucial point for me as it steered me towards securing a graduate job with British Sugar.

"Additionally, I participated in many extracurricular activities: dancing for the International Cultural Evening event, taking up a leadership role in an Engineers Without Borders project, captaining the Malaysian Society Football team and winning the Speak Out for Engineering competition. Ultimately, these activities, amongst others, were recognised and I was awarded with the Sheffield Graduate Award."

Rasan Chandra at British Sugar