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Achieve More ensures that all undergraduate students have the opportunity to explore global issues with others, both from other disciplines across the University and with communities from beyond it.   This prepares you for the future by helping to foster deeper and broader learning and providing opportunities to enhance your academic and wider skills set.

Through a series of learning activities, you will be challenged to apply your subject knowledge in creative ways, understand the role of interdisciplinary research in tackling global issues and be able to communicate the impact of your subject to non-specialists.

In practice, Achieve More means that you will participate in the following learning activities as part of your course.

Level 1

Faculty-based group project activities to devise and present multi-disciplinary responses to contemporary issues.

Level 2

Collaborative interdisciplinary research projects that produce critical perspectives on global issues.

Final Year

Activities to support and enable students to communicate their subject knowledge to those outside their disciplines, thus strengthening their ability to convey their knowledge of their core discipline and further developing their communication skills.

The following benefits have been highlighted by students who have participated in Achieve More.

• deepen and broaden your subject knowledge
• understand and value how other disciplines think and apply their knowledge
• a broader understanding of the world by making connections beyond your subject area
• develop transferable skills: communication skills, critical analysis, team work skills
• learn how to identify your own and others’ strengths
• talk about your area of expertise to non-specialists
• produce tangible outputs which can be used on a CV or at job interviews
• work with academic staff and students from across the University as well as local communities, employers and others from outside the University
• the freedom to be creative and try out new ways of learning
• meet people from outside your department

Achieve More is new and is being introduced in a phased way. Please see below for what this means for you.

Level 1 students starting in 2015-16



Level 1 challenges


Level 2 challenges

2017-18 / 2018-19

Final year activities

Level 2 students who started in 2014-15



Level 1 challenges


Opportunity to take part in pilot of Level 2 challenges


Some departments will be piloting final year activities.

Level 3 or higher, students who started in 2013-14 or before will not be required to participate in any of the Achieve More activities.