Assessment Procedures (both exams and coursework)

1) Your lecturer(s) (the ‘module leader’) creates the assessment.
2) Another member of academic staff (the ‘module verifier’) checks the assessment for things like: difficulty/clarity of questions, correctness of solutions etc.
3) The verified assessment is sent to a member of academic staff from another university (the ‘external examiner’) for independent checking. They also see the content of each module. They then report back with any changes/suggestions which are then implemented by the module leader.
4) You (the ‘student’) take the assessment.
5) The module leader marks the assessment and applies any scaling they feel necessary to maintain consistency of assessment performance relative to University degree classification standards.
6) The module verifier checks that all questions answered by the student have been marked and that the marks are correctly written on the front of the exam script/coursework.
7) The module leader combines the marks from all assessments (exams, coursework etc) for that module to produce a ‘module grade’.
8) The module leader and module verifier ensure that the grades are correctly entered onto the student system.
9) The grades awarded for each module are then compared to other modules to maintain consistency of module grade relative to University degree classification standards.
10) All academic staff review grades (the ‘examination board’).
11) The Faculty checks procedures and then authorises the final marks to appear on your student record.

The Department reserves the right to scale marks where appropriate.