Changing to a Year in Industry course

Some students may feel that after they have started their degree they would like to also do a year in industry. In most cases the change onto the course with a year in industry is pretty straight forward for students taking the straight BEng or MEng degree. Firstly,a student would need to speak to their personal tutor and then also the Year in Industry tutor, Dr Beverley Gibbs - .  Once agreed between all parties, complete the required change of programme form with the support team.  See link to form on the right

Ideally, this should be done early in the 2nd year for those seeking BEng with a year in Industry and no later than early in the 3rd year for those seeking the MEng with Year in Industry

The exception to this is where a student is taking a course with a specialisation such as the courses below:

MEng Mechanical Engineering with a Language
MEng Mechanical Engineering with a year in North America

In these instances, if a student wanted to do a year in industry, they would need to actually take a 1 year leave of absence to do the industry year.  See link to form on the right

It should also be noted that the Year in Industry won't show on their transcript, the leave of absence will. We advise students that they should consider the "with Employment experience".  See link for further information on the right

Always consult your personal tutor if you think you may wish to take a year in Industry or a years leave of absence.