MUSE (My University of Sheffield Environment)

The MUSE website facility is designed to give students and staff personalised access to the University's online resources. Wherever you are in the world – provided you can access the internet with a modern web-browser, it should be possible for you to access electronic web-based services provided by The University of Sheffield.

For example, you can:

  •  Send and receive emails from anywhere in the world using the google email service via 'myServices'
  •  Access your student record including current and previous modules results via 'myRecord'
  •  Access your saved files and folders easily from off campus via ‘myFilestore’
  •  Interact within and access services provided by your department via the 'Communities' facility

Electronic Mail

When you register as a student, you are allocated a University Sheffield email account. Please ensure that you read your messages regularly, as important communications will often be sent to you via email. Please also note that your account will have a fixed amount of memory. Any messages we send to you will only be sent to your Sheffield address, and not to any other email address. Information about student computing facilities and opening times of the IT centres can be found at:

Please note that you should only use your university email address for all communications (it's our policy only to reply to

IMPORTANT:  For full guidance on communicating with staff in the department see the link to our communications guide on the right

Internet access is available from any of the IT centres on campus (and in most University owned accommodation). Wi-Fi is also available across the Campus - students can connect to the ‘Eduroam’ wireless network using University login details. Further information can be found at

MOLE (My On-line Learning Environment)

MOLE provides a secure environment which allows students flexible access to their course via the internet from anywhere in the world. MOLE is available through MUSE by clicking on the link called MOLE. Select 'All Civil Students Information’ and then click on any of the links to access key information that you will need to successfully support your studies. In addition, information on individual modules can be accessed from the MOLE front page.