Deadlines for assessed coursework

Managing your time to meet your deadlines is an important skill for success both at University and in future employment.  It is important, therefore, that you do your best to hand in all work on time.

If you submit work to be marked after the deadline your mark will be reduced by 5% for each working day the work is late after the deadline. A working day includes working days within standard vacation times.  For example, if a submission date falls on the last day before the start of the Easter vacation, penalties would start to be applied from the following working day and not from the first day following the vacation.  Work submitted after 5 working days will be returned a zero mark.

The relevant module leader will issue deadlines for any assessed coursework or laboratory work. The module tutor will inform you of the procedure for the submission of coursework, which for most submissions will be through the Student Support Office in the Departmental Office. You should endeavour to submit all work on time, as late work will be subject to the Departmental policy on penalties for late submissions:

See the table below for examples: 

Coursework deadline table

* standard mathematical rounding rules should be applied and marks should be rounded up.

Special dispensations

(a) That an application for late submission should be made in advance of the normal submission date;

(b) That an application for a special dispensation for late submission should be made in writing to

Mr Jason Hawley:

(c) If you are unable to hand in your work on time due to extenuating circumstances you should ask for an extension by completing an extenuating circumstances form: and handing it in to your department. You may also need to submit medical evidence or other documentation where appropriate. Examples of extenuating circumstances are medical problems, personal or medical problems arising from disability or specific learning difficulties, extreme personal and family problems, a serious incident (e.g. being affected by a crime) and in the case of part-time students only, work- related problems. You must obtain the department’s approval for an extension before the deadline or it will be penalised for being late as above.

Retention of coursework

Students are required to retain all coursework and reports upon return from the module leader.  Students may be asked to submit their full complement of continuously assessed work at any point during the course.  Students should in any case retain their work as part of their personal academic portfolio.

Group Project work

Group project work can be assessed in a number of different ways depending on the module. So that all students can be assessed fairly for their contribution, you will be required to submit evidence of your participation in the group.  For most modules with a group project element, you will be expected to produce a report or plan, either as a whole group or with a mixture of individual and group elements.  Some modules may also expect you to prepare a poster presentation, and peer review within the group is sometimes used as a form of assessment.