Exam information for Mechanical Engineering Students

General assessment and examination procedures

This summary must be read in conjunction with the official University Regulations which are the definitive rules applied for the examinations and for general student progress.  They include Regulations, which refer to: registration and fees, modular programmes of study and academic progress. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the Examination Regulations (see right link) and procedures as detailed on the SSiD website.  You should make sure you understand what is expected of you to complete the course.  If in doubt, ask your personal tutor or project supervisor.

Disability: If you are a student who believes you require alternative arrangements for exams as a result of a disability/SpLD, you must contact the DDSS to to make sure these plans are in place by the deadline end of Week 6.  Telephone 0114 2221303: e-mail – disability.info@sheffield.ac.uk

Examination arrangements

Your first year will be assessed by a combination of coursework, throughout the academic year and by formal examinations in May and June. In subsequent years, you will be examined on autumn semester courses in January/February and spring semester courses in May/June. An examination timetable will be available well in advance of the examination period.  Your Autumn Semester results will be released via My Results in MUSE in early March. Your Spring results will be released in a similar fashion early in July. Please note that ONLY final degree classifications will released earlier to final year students via personal tutors

They will also be available via MUSE.  Even if you fail autumn semester papers, you are permitted to, and should, continue your studies in the spring semester. End of year resit examinations are available for Level 1 and 2 candidates in August each year. Overseas candidates undertaking resits should note that they may be permitted to undertake them in their home country, but it is imperative that you apply before the set deadline (normally early June), as consideration will not be given to requests after the deadline.

 The exam timetable is available on the web on the SSiD site and on MOLE. It is your responsibility to check the timetable for any clashes and report them as soon as possible to the SSiD in the Union Building.   Please also inform Mr Jason Hawley telephone (0114 222 7803) or  Miss Natasha Stacey (0114 222 7755) if you have any examination clashes.

Anonymous marking

The University operates a scheme of anonymous marking of examination scripts. Your name and signature should be included on the flap provided on the blank script and sealed, and your registration number included on the top left hand corner of the booklet. Examiners are not permitted to break the seal on the flap until after all marking has been completed. Coursework is also anonymously marked as far as possible, and again you should ensure that your correct student registration number is included on the coversheet.

Verification of marks

A second member of academic staff in the Department verifies all examination marks for each module. This includes ensuring that all elements of an examination script or piece of coursework have been taken into account and that the marks have been correctly added up and transferred correctly to the electronic mark sheet.

Examination scripts

Please note that examination scripts are confidential and will not be returned to students. This also applies to any re-working of past examination papers, where the re-work is submitted as a formal assessment.

Past examination papers

Past examination papers are available on MOLE.  Please note that for some modules where assessment is by examination where the paper contains a substantial multiple choice element.