Policy on Requesting an Extension to Continually Assessed Work

If a student wishes to request an extension to any continually assessed work ( including Final Year Projects) then they must firstly request this formally to the Department’s Learning & Teaching Manager (Mr Jason Hawley - email: jason.hawley@sheffield.ac.uk  Student Support Office (SSO). The LT manager holds all extenuating circumstances and self –certified absence records for the Mechanical Engineering Department. The student must supply the LT Manager with an Extenuating Circumstances form with evidence upon request. Information relating to Extenuating Circumstances can be found at www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/forms/circs.

If the form and evidence are both satisfactory then it is usual practice to award an extension approximately the same length of time as the illness or absence. However, the length can be discussed between the student and the LT manager. Once a decision has been agreed then the LT Manager will inform the appropriate Module Leader and the Departmental student support assistant; so no penalty is imposed for handing in late.

If a student directs their request straight to the Module Leader, Diamond staff or anyone else rather than the LT Manager then this will slow the process down and could cause undue confusion amongst the Student Support staff.