The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Successful engineers will have built their career on constantly up-dated knowledge and also through whom they know and what experiences they have been able to glean from them. Meeting with other engineers is very important in building a strong database of experience. There are a number of 'professional' engineering institutions that greatly facilitate the exchange of information between engineers. The Institution of Mechanical Engineering is the focus for students studying mechanical engineering at The University of Sheffield.

The 'IMechE' has imposing premises in Westminster, London. It is both a 'learned society' and also a regulator of the training and qualifications of professional mechanical engineers who obtain the designation of 'Chartered Engineer', denoted CEng. After graduating, you can, if you are still a member, put the letters AMIMechE after your
name. After gaining further experience and training, you can apply for corporate membership and chartered status.

There is a noticeboard on the corridor of the Mechanical Engineering Department (opposite LT15) advertising the various meetings and describing the other activities of a vigorous body of engineers. There is a local section - the ‘Yorkshire Region’ - which has ‘Young Members' Panels’ in the principal areas within the region and whose local evening meetings and works visits are advertised on this board. There are also ‘Automotive Division’ and ‘Railway Division’ activities. All the activities of all the various parts of the IMechE in Yorkshire are published on a combined programme card.