Language classes

All students on MEng Mechanical Engineering with French, German, Italian or Spanish programmes will study modules in the relevant foreign language. It is also possible for MEng Mechanical Engineering students to do so, provided they have a GCSE or equivalent experience in the foreign language. They may then choose to transfer to the relevant ‘with language’ course at the end of the first semester, with a view to studying in Europe in year three. When deciding whether to transfer to a language programme, students should remember that programmes require academic work of MEng standard and that a full year abroad in a European host university is a requirement.

Language learning is in small groups, organised by the Modern Language Teaching Centre (except in the case of German, where modules are taken from the Department of Germanic Studies). The broad course objectives are designed to enable you to communicate accurately and fluently in speech and writing. The modules consist of 3 hours of class per week (4 hours for beginner classes). As with other half modules, private study should bring the total up to at least 6 hours per week.

Language modules are not on the first year Mechanical Engineering timetable. Further details of lecture times can be provided by Dr Inna Gitman, the European and Year Abroad Tutor, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, or from the Modern Languages Teaching Centre.   Please also note that it is the responsibility of the student to speak with Dr Gitman prior to performing any changes of language course. Students should also contact Dr Gitman with any general questions about the programme.

The Modern Language Teaching Centre contact is:

Modern Languages Teaching Centre
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