Building Codes 

This should help you to identify the room codes on your timetable.

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ALB Alfred Denny Building MB Management Building
AT Arts Tower MAPP Mappin Building
BH Bartolomé House PC Portobello Centre
CR Crookesmoor PLB Pam Liversidge Building
DB Dainton Building PS Psychology Building
DIA Diamond Building  RRB Richard Roberts Building
DS Dental School SB Sir Henry Stephenson Building
HB Hadfield Building SF Samuel Fox House (NG Hospital)
HBA Hadfield Building Annexe SG St Georges Complex (see below)
HH Medical School (Hallamshire Hospital) 8326 Solley Street (Velocity 2)
HI Hicks Building SU students' Union
IC Information Commons WB Western Bank
JB Jessop Building 


LT01 Mappin Street Block (Electrical Eng Dept)
LT02 to LT06 Broad Lane Block (Civil Eng Dept, E floor)
LT02 to LT12 Broad Lane Block (Civil Eng Dept, F floor)
LT14 Central Block, Mappin Building - downstairs below LT15
LT15 Central Block, Mappin Building - above LT14 (Mechanical Engineering Dept)
LT16 Amy Johnson Building (Automatic Control Dept)
LT17 and LT18 Robert Hadfield Building Annexe
LT20 Robert Hadfield Building
LT21 and LT22 Sir Robert Hadfield Building (Materials Science Engineering Dept)
MATK13 Pool Seminar Room (Sir Robert Hadfield Building) K Floor
ME03/ME04 Computer Rooms, (user area) Mappin Building
MH Mappin Hall
E110B E Floor
F110 F Floor
SGCH St George's Church