Personal Tutors for UG Mechanical Engineering Students

Within the first week of arriving at the University to start your studies, the Department will allocate you a Personal Tutor.  This is a member of the academic staff who is there to help you if you are having difficulties with your studies or if you are having personal difficulties that you are worried about or that are impacting upon your studies.

Your Personal Tutor is likely to be the same person throughout your degree, although this may change if your Personal Tutor goes on Research Leave, for example.  If this occurs, your Department will allocate you a replacement Personal Tutor.

Your Personal Tutor will organise to meet you periodically during your time at University (weekly in the first year) to discuss tutorial sheets and to see how you are getting on and if you have any concerns. However, if you are experiencing difficulties, don’t wait for your scheduled meeting, but do contact your Personal tutor as they will want to help you identify ways to help resolve the problem.

You can email or phone your Personal tutor to ask for an appointment or visit them during their publicised office hours. It is important to meet with your personal tutor early on in your programme so you know who to go to if you have a problem. Upon graduation, your Personal Tutor should also be your first point of contact for a reference. Although you keep in contact with your Personal Tutor throughout your course, for the third (BEng) or fourth (MEng) year, you will also develop close links with your project supervisors and year tutor.  If for any reason you wish to change your Personal Tutor during the course of your studies, you should in the first instance contact the relevant year tutor.