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Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme that runs in universities and colleges across the UK. It is designed to  help staff and students improve their impact on the environment by providing a workbook of straightforward actions to implement in their departments. The University of Sheffield has taken part since 2009/2010 and is committed to a 43% carbon emission reduction by 2020.  In Mechanical Engineering we are encouraging a change in practices through Green Impact to contribute towards the University's committment.

BeCause addresses the University's corporate responsibilty to be aware of our community, the world and diversity.  It encourages us to think about sustainabilty from cycling to work, switching lights out to donating unwanted items to local homeless and disadvataged people.  There are many other ways we can help and you can find out more here.  


The University already re-cycles 80% of it's waste.  To ensure we are contributing we ordered  an additional 23 co-mingled re-cycling bins for communal areas to manage our waste and we've signposted staff on specialist waste for safe disposal. More


To cut waste we now:

  • send documents electronically where possible
  • print double sided       documents (where appropriate)
  • request crockery instead of paper plates and cups where possible when using caterers. Alternatively, check whether biodegradable plates and cups etc are an option.


We can all contribute to energy saving and in 2014 the department had two successful blackouts for University closures,  one at Easter and the other at  Christmas which went Faculty wide.  

The Christmas blackout was very successful for the Faculty and collectively we were down by 39% on energy consumption over the Christmas closure.

To add to this we'll be encouraging daily switch offs in offices and communal areas with traffic light stickers on items and lights that can be turned off as part of our Turn it Off campaign.  


As a department we provide sustainable transport and accessibility advice to visitors and also to staff  in induction packs. Further information

To help reduce harmful emissions you could: 

Also remember that discount bus and tram passes are available for University staff .

See our GI Travel Special


With no real outside space we are encouraging staff to have plants in our offices.

One of the benefits to having indoor plants is that they help to filter cleaner air.  We want our wall of plants to grow with more of us growing small plants at work.

At home we can also help by planting varieties which carry a bee friendly symbol. has some helpful tips and further information.

GI Biodiversity Special

ore on biodiversty