Research Facilities

The centre boasts state-of-the art facility with a range of pilot scale facilities including, a 350 kW fluidised bed combustor, a 60kW Rolls Royce gas turbine engine facility, a 149.2 kW Honeywell gas turbine engine facility, a 250kW Rotary kiln, a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) test rig, a 250kW furnace, an atmospheric combustion and ignition line and a mobile emissions laboratory.

The Centre also houses the Aviation Fuels Thermal Stability Test Unit (AFTSTU) and lubricants stability test rig (LSIS). Other than the LCCC, only the U.S. military can facilitate this type of fuel testing. The LCCC is renowned for its world class research and has been recognised as being the leading research group in the field of alternative fuel, carbon capture and energy.

Aviation Fuels Thermal Stability Test Unit Rolls Royce Artouste Auxiliary Power Unit Atmospheric Ignition Line
High Reynolds Number Thermal Stability (HiReTS) Tester Lubricant System Interaction Simulator Elastomer Testing
20kW Pulverised Fuel Rig Mobile Emissions Laboratory 500kW Furnace
350kW Fluidised Bed Combustor 250kW Rotary Kiln Furnace Regenerator Test Bed
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test Rig Wind Tunnel for Particulate Emissions Testing Fuel Atomisation Chamber

      Spey Combustor

Spey Combustor Test Rig


Hot End Materail Test Rig


Pulse Detonation Engine Test Rig