350kW Fluidised Bed Combustor

350kW Fluidised Bed Combustor Fluidised Beds are one of the key combustion technologies available for the co-firing of a wide range of solid conventional and bio derived fuels. This 350kW pilot scale Fluidised Bed combustor
has available a number of hoppers and feed screws to accommodate differing sources of combustible material, and is equipped with a heat exchanger, particulate cyclones, and ceramic bag filter. It is self contained with its own combustion air supply
and independent heat exchange and exhaust fans. The rig has been run on a range of materials, including bituminous coal, meat and bone meal, sewage sludge, chicken litter, bark and paper. The
combination of screw feeds allows the mixing of at least three feedstocks at any given time to produce mixtures through the main 5” screw line. When running with Bituminous coal, it can handle a feed rate of 20kg/hr. It is fitted with a graded sand bed it operates with a fluidised bed velocity of between 0.5.-3.5 m/s and at temperatures of between 750 – 1000°C.