Hot End Materail Test Rig


The effect of any post combustion products on high performance hot end materials and coatings of a gas turbine is essential to evaluate durability and, hence, safety of these engine critical components.

The Hot End Materials rig is a state of the art rig previously used for similar testing by Rolls-Royce. This rig has been used for various test programs for studies on novel fuels, additives, alloys, salt water injection and thermal barrier coatings. The rig is currently being upgraded to inject ash/sand through the combustor and turbine blades for studying effect of ash/sand on combustor, injector and blades.

The rig primarily consists of large duct systems which creates a combustion air supply of up to 0.6 kg/s and 300ÂșC. The specimens are rotated in the hot exhaust gases/flame in a spinning carousel. The assessment is done by measuring the surface roughness, weight, carbonisation, erosion an photographic inspection. Further studies have been completed modelling the composition of volcanic ash and the solid phases

This is is being updated to inject Ash and sand through the combustor and then turbine blades for systematic evaluation of ash injection in a combustor and turbine blade.