High Reynolds Number Thermal Stability (HiReTS) Tester

High Reynolds Number Thermal Stability

Small scale thermal stability assessment on the basis of a single test method is difficult and several methods should be used together, particularly when assessing a novel product for the jet market. In addition to the standard JFTOT (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test) methods, the LCCC also operates the HiReTS (High Reynolds Number Thermal Stability Tester) method is an adaptable small scale
research rig, capable of quickly and quantitatively assessing the thermal stability of aviation fuels, under turbulent conditions. Originally designed by Shell Global Solutions (UK), The HiReTS Tester at The Low Carbon Combustion Centre (LCCC) has recently been employed to provide results for Rolls-Royce plc, Shell Global Solutions (UK) and the European SWAFEA program.
Furthermore, thanks to its unique control system, designed at the LCCC, a wide range of non-standard test parameters can also be employed in order to evaluate the thermal stability of alternative fuel blends, synthetic fuels and fuel additives, under varying degrees of
severity. This is being utilised at the LCCC in order to correlate HiReTS results with much larger tests conducted by our Aviation Fuels Thermal Stability Test Unit (AFTSTU).