Isothermal Tube Reactor (ITTR)

An in depth understanding of liquid phase oxidation of middle distillate is important in aviation, marine, and ground based transportation. It is known that the air saturated liquid fuels when exposed to thermal load, experience a multitude of chemical reactions which are collectively grouped as autoxidation. These reactions take place at moderate temperature generating a series of primary and secondary oxygenated products
including hydroperoxides, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes and carboxylic acids. Although, the identity of these products is extensively understood, the elementary reactions controlling their formation and consumption require more fundamental research. The understanding and prediction of these reaction mechanicsms and rates is critical as the autoxidation products contribute to the formation of a series of detrimental materials
including particulates, gums and solid carbonaceous deposits in fuel systems.

This test rig provides wide capability in terms of fundamental study of liquid phase oxidation hydrocarbons by creating a near isothermal region inside the tube. The tube is centrally located inside a tubular furnace. The
desired temperature is achieved by a PID controller. An optical oxygen sensor in fuel line allows the inline quantification of dissolved oxygen which is used for chemical kinetic study of hydrocarbons. Thermally stressed fuel can be further assessed for oxygenated products through chromatography.

The rig is capable to create simulated environment for investigation of thermal auto oxidation for a range of
liquid hydrocarbon fuels. This rig could be used for Thermal stability assessment at small scale.