Mobile Emissions Laboratory


A mobile emissions laboratory has been set up to carry out analysis of exhaust gases for a wide variety of applications. The MEL can carry out on-site analysis of emissions on airfields, airports, and other utilities. This unit is equipped to monitor smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulates, vibrations and unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs). UHC breakup and various other gases are also measured through Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). It has heated line controls to enable accurate control of sample line temperatures. Coupled with the traversable gas rake, this is able to sample and analyse the exhaust from aircraft engines whilst on the ground and can produce maps of temperature and emissions across the engine exhaust.

Particulate Measurement

The experimental facility has been upgraded to do a large range of particulate matter (PM) measurements including size, number and density. Range of instruments for PM measurement include Optical Particle Counter, US EPA Method 202, US EPA Method 5i, NIOSH 5040, Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyser,  Fast Aerosol Size Spectrometer (5 nano m -35 micro m) and Laser-Induced Incandescence (externally sourced).

MEL onsite at Cardiff Airport Rake positioned behind a 747