Spey Combustor Test Rig

Spey Combustor

The Spey can combustor rig was provided by Rolls-Royce and has two versions, one houses a single can combustor and other houses a three can combustor, with a fuel spray nozzle and igniters. This rig was recomissioned by the LCCC team. The can combustors are placed in the housing which tightly fits the combustor. A large range of instrumentation has been included in both combustor set-up’s to give detailed insight of the combustor performance including temperature profiles, pressure variations, visual inspections,
vibrations and acoustics. There are two versions of this combustor rig, single can rig and triple can rig.

This rig is available for fuels testing, flame stability limits testing, injector testing, additives in fuel and air, dual-fuel injector testing, hybrid combustion testing and analyzing effect on emissions, vibrations and acoustics.