Dr Xin Yang

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Associate


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Dr Xin Yang
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Xin Yang obtained BEng in Chemical Engineering and Technology from the Sichuan University. After that, he graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences with MEng in Chemical Engineering and then completed his PhD in Energy 2050 at the University of Sheffield in 2017. His PhD work mainly focus on developing models to predict ash deposition behaviours for solid fuel combustion through CFD methods and slagging indices. Following his PhD study, he obtained a full time research position at the University of Sheffield as a research associate.

Research interests
  • Clean coal conversion technologies
  • Combustion of low quality fuels
  • Ash related issues and solutions
  • Spreading and sticking of droplets
  • CFD modelling and Uncertainty Quantification
Professional activities

Member of The Combustion Institute


2017 Distinguished Paper Award from The Combustion Institute