Profile: Claudia Wittkowske

PhD student, INSIGNEO Institutle for in silico Medicine and PhD Student Representative

Claudia Whittkowske - PhD student“I am a PhD student at the INSIGNEO Institute for in silico medicine where I look at how mechanical forces influence the behaviour of cells and tissues. It is fascinating to work at the interface between engineering, biology and medical applications – and the facilities at the university provide an excellent foundation for my work. Before I came to Sheffield, I studied mechanical engineering in Munich (Germany) where I was already able to gain some experience in the field of medical engineering.

I decided to become the PhD student rep, because I wanted to get a greater insight into how the university works and it is also a great opportunity to network with people from different areas of the university. Being the PhD student rep brings me directly into contact with other PhD students from the department and I can help to make their suggestions for improvement and wishes for the future become reality.”