Meet Our Students


Exploring machine learning and nonlinear dynamics.

 Image of PhD Student Max

"If there is a topic you are passionate about then postgraduate study will be enormously rewarding and won’t feel like work at all."

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Investigating padded clothing in rugby.

Image of PhD student Angus

"Picking a PhD has allowed me to use my academic and sporting knowledge to positively affect a sport I love, as well as enhance my career in both engineering and sport."

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Helping railways innovate with new materials, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Mechanical Engineering PhD Student Kate

"During my time at Sheffield I have had the opportunity to develop many skills through both my PhD project work and the doctoral development programme (DDP). I hope that this will lead to a future career in research.”

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Helping engineers design more efficient aircraft

PhD Student Razvan

"Following my year in industry [as an undergraduate], I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to propose my own topic for my final year project, which later resulted in my application for a PhD studentship.”

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