Meet Our Students


Exploring machine learning and nonlinear dynamics.

 Image of PhD Student Max

"If there is a topic you are passionate about then postgraduate study will be enormously rewarding and won’t feel like work at all."

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Investigating padded clothing in rugby.

Image of PhD student Angus

"Picking a PhD has allowed me to use my academic and sporting knowledge to positively affect a sport I love, as well as enhance my career in both engineering and sport."

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Researching the mechanical forces that influence the behaviour of cells and tissues.

Image of PhD student Claudia

"It is fascinating to work at the interface between engineering, biology and medical applications – and the facilities at the university provide an excellent foundation for my work."

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Focused on sports equipment design, particularly hockey sticks.

Image of PhD student Mark

"I think my PhD experience gave me confidence in my ability to understand new concepts and assimilate large amounts of information, which has helped me progress quickly in my current role"

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