Development of an acoustic imaging technique based on the holographic principles

Supervisors: Dr Anton Krynkin and Prof. Kirill Horoshenkov.

A 3-year-long fully-funded PhD post is available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. The aim of this project is to develop a non-invasive technique to reconstruct instantaneous profiles of dynamic surfaces such as surface of water flow in rivers, open channels and partially filled pipes. One of the applications of the proposed remote sensing technique is to improve the accuracy of hydraulic models and accurately analyse the state of water infrastructure. This will inform the assessment of flood risks and flood control/prevention measures.

This project will involve development of novel reconstruction technique based on the acoustic holographic methods and principles of acoustic scattering by rough surface. The reconstruction of the rough surfaces will result in building a 3D images of periodic/random rough surface and in depth statistical analysis of surface dynamic characteristics including non-stationary processes such as turbulence. The validity of the technique will be tested numerically and experimentally. For the experimental tests acoustic array will be developed to take 3D images of water flow surface in laboratory flume. The optimal arrangement of the acoustic transducers in the array will also be studied.

This project is supported by the leading developer of non-invasive monitoring tools with applications in water infrastructure. The student will join a team of other researchers working on acoustic problems within the Department of Mechanical Engineering and will be collaborating with research group within the Department of Civil Engineering and researchers from other UK universities.

Applicants should have a good MEng (or BEng/BSc or MSc) degree in an appropriate discipline. This may include one of the following disciplines: mechanics, civil engineering, material science, mathematics, applied mathematics and physics. The project is available for UK nationals or EU nationals residing in the UK.

The studentship is supported by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and covers the cost of tuition fees with an annual tax-free stipend for 3 years at the standard UK research rate (£14,296 in 2016/17).

Please contact Dr Anton Krynkin directly for further information:
Tel.: 01142227847

To apply, please use our standard on-line PhD application form, including your CV and two references, and indicate on your form that you are replying to this advert.

Closing date: 31st January 2018