Maximising Long-Term Treatment Outcome Through Computational Haemodynamics: The Fontan Operation
Supervisor: Dr Alberto Marzo

The Fontan procedure is often the treatment of choice for patients born with one dysfunctional or missing ventricle. In these patients the procedure creates venous-to-pulmonary arterial bypass connections to provide appropriate flow to the lungs. Despite improvements in surgical techniques, the long-term outcome for patients currently undergoing this operation remains a cause of concern, and often heart tranplantation remains the only long-term option. Haemodynamic efficiency, including miminisation of turbulence, vortices, high shear stresses, and flow separation, have been implicated in the long-term outcome of the operation.

This project will develop novel techniques and a platform for patient-specific treatment planning and characterisation of the haemodynamic efficiency of different treatment options. Previous knowledge of the clinical subject area is not required, although the successful candidate should demonstrate an interest in learning the clinical aspects relevant to the development of the models.

This project will use the methodologies and tools developed within the Virtual Physiological Human initiative, and will be supported by the expertise available within the INSIGNEO institute.

Collaboration: King's College London and University of Oxford.
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