Metal Rolling - A New Kind of Sensor
Supervisors: Professor R S Dwyer-Joyce, Dr C Pinna
Billets of steel or aluminium are rolled between giant metal rollers to make thin strip or sheet material in either a hot or cold condition. In either case the strip is lubricated with oil in water emulsion that is sprayed directly onto the rolls and strip. The selection and application of the lubricant is very important; if the friction is too low the roll will not grip the strip and draw it in. If the friction is too high the strip surface gets damaged and energy is wasted. Currently there are no means to determine how the lubricant is performing at the interface between the metal rolls and the rolled strip.

In this project you will be building sensors that are actually imbedded in the work rolls. The sensors will measure the oil film formation at the roll-strip interface and we will deduce how much metal contact is occurring. The sensors can be tried out on a lab based rolling mill as well as a full size rolling stand with an industrial partner.
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