Fundamental Study of Turbulence in Unsteady Flows
Supervisor: Professor Shuisheng He
Turbulence in unsteady flow which is encountered in many engineering and natural systems is highly complex. In additional to its practical relevance, some fundamental characteristics of turbulence, which also feature in steady flow but are not easily discerned, can exhibit themselves strongly under unsteady conditions. Although major efforts have been directed to unsteady flow phenomena for many years, there are still many open issues that require thorough studies.

This project aims to developing a novel experimental approach to study unsteady flow phenomenon in a pipe/channel. Conventionally, unsteady pipe flow is generated by varying a control valve in a system where the flow is driven by gravity force provided between two tanks at different highs. We will be developing a system where the unsteady flow is produced by a large piston/cylinder assembly, thereby precisely controlling the volumetric flow. This will allow a variety of carefully prescribed flow variations to be achieved. Advanced optical measurement techniques including PIV and LDA will be used in the study. CFD will be used to assist the design of the test facility and performing scoping studies at the initial stages.
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