Biomechanical Modelling for Image-Guided Surgery
Supervisor: Dr Z A Taylor

Image-guided surgery involves use of detailed medical images to plan and navigate during surgical procedures. This allows surgeons to avoid critical structures such as vasculature and to locate target structures such as tumours. A key difficulty is the motion of the involved structures: patients might be lying in a different position than when the images were taken, and the surgery itself probably involves moving and cutting surrounding structures. Thus, the images may no longer reflect the shapes and positions of the patient's tissues.

Accurate biomechanical models of the surgical procedure may allow these changes to be predicted and accounted for. For example, if organ deformations can be computed, this information can be used to deform the images themselves to reflect the current configurations. These are challenging simulation problems, however, and this project could involve work on any of the involved technologies: theoretical formulations, numerical solution methods, or integration of models with images and their use in the operating theatre.
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