Verification and Validation of Damage Models
Supervisors: Dr Rob Barthorpe & Prof Keith Worden

One of the main challenges in assessing the health of a structure is the difficulty associated with gathering experimental data from the structure in its damaged state. One way to overcome this problem may be to turn to numerical modelling to 'fill in the gaps'in our knowledge of the structure. However, numerical modelling raises challenges of its own, with the big question being how ones goes about establishing the credibility of the model predictions.

Building on recent advances in the field of verification and validation, this project would attempt to address this question for the case of damage models in composite structures. The project is predominantly numerical but with a substantial experimental element. A substantial set of experimental samples and associated data from an extensive programme of impact testing is already available. The project will involve developing numerical models of structural damage and developing and conducting test programmes targeted specifically at the problem of model validation.

Previous experience / requirements: The project would ideally suit a candidate with previous experience in numerical modelling, statistical methods and/or dynamic testing.
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