Aviation Repair Methods

Supervisor: Dr Jose Luis Curiel Sosa

The new composite aeroplanes/dreamliners offers enhanced operational performance due to the airframe made of up to 80% (in-volume) carbon fibre composite, e.g. Boeing 787. As airlines add composite aeroplanes to their fleets, repair methods for the airplaneā€™s composite structure are critical. Manufacturers offer guidance to allow airlines to make effective repairs to some types of damage without stopping aircraft normal service. However, there is no clear predictive modelling on where are these damage types going to occur a priori. To know areas prone to damage a priori would mean an enormous advantage. This PhD aims to investigate those methods and to propose novel procedures on how these can be enhanced for greatest safety.

SKills required: Ability to model with computer codes to industry, e.g. Abaqus.

Please contact Dr Jose Luis Curiel Sosa (www.jlcurielsosa.org) for further information

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