Can we beat osteoporosis? – Patient specific musculoskeletal modelling
Supervisors:Dr Inna Gitman

In the ageing population nowadays, the problems related to musculoskeletal disorders, such as osteoporosis (a problem characterized by the loss of bone density, reducing the bone strength and increasing the risk of fracture) are on the rise. As such it is of crucial importance to the public health and well-being in general to offer a strategy that can explain, analyse and perhaps reverse these disorders. Computational modelling strategies are needed to enable the viability of a recently developed treatment for bone degradation, namely using mechanical vibrations of low magnitude to trigger bone regrowth.

Generic computational models currently exist, allowing estimation of external loads, internal damage and their effects on patients during their lifespan. However, these models do not take into account patients’ specific factors, such as microstructural characteristics of bones, tendon insertion points, etc. This project aims to develop a patient specific model, via a multi-scale approach, in order to obtain better accuracy. Experimental work will feed into this modelling strategy through motion analysis, medical imaging techniques, force reaction measurement, etc.

Previous experience / requirements: Finite element modelling

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