Characterisation of Laser Sintered parts

Supervisors: Dr Inna Gitman, Dr Candice Majewski

Laser Sintering is one of the most promising Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) methods for end-use manufacture. However, material costs and processing times can be high, meaning it can be expensive to produce test samples

Various methods exist to characterise small (in some case several mg) samples of Laser Sintered parts, but these samples are not always representative of the entire part volume. The representative volume element (RVE) is the smallest sample size which can be counted as fully representative of the microstructure of the entire part.

This project will combine experimental and numerical methods to investigate the effect of various factors (e.g. material choice, processing parameters, part geometry) on the RVE for polymer Laser Sintering. This will allow users of this technology to minimise the time and cost of quality testing, whilst ensuring their results are fully representative of their parts.