Green engineering? – Development of new materials, reinforced by a waste.
Supervisor:Dr Inna Gitman

In modern society there is ever more pressure to “think green” by “recycling and reusing” unwanted materials (waste). However simply using recycled materials might lead to a reduction in performance. At the same time modern engineering is now faster than ever developing better and more versatile materials.

The objectives in these projects are to combine these two concepts together and analyse the properties of the new materials that have been improved by adding recycled waste, i.e. modernisation through sustainability.
The project will review current practice for applications such as used tyres reinforced concrete or reusing old tarmac for new roads in civil engineering industry, natural fibre reinforced composites in mechanical and material engineering industries.

In this project the detailed analysis, based on the numerical experiments, of the optimal choice of a waste and host material components, their properties and their amount, will be performed for waste-reinforced composite materials with improved mechanical properties and increased service time.

Previous experience / requirements: Finite element modelling

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