Improving the reliability of 3D Printed parts
Supervisor: Dr Jose Curiel-Sosa and Dr Candice Majewski

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) technologies are becoming increasingly important within industry, due to their ability to efficiently produce highly complex geometries, the potential for reduced material wastage, and cost-effective personalisation. Industry sectors as diverse as aerospace, sportswear and equipment, consumer goods and medical are beginning to embrace these techniques for production of end-use parts.

However, with this increase in demand comes a need for greater reliability of parts produced by these techniques, and improvements to part properties themselves. This project will focus on understanding the mechanisms by which polymer Additive Manufactured parts fail, in order to identify material and process enhancements to optimise the process. Using a combination of experimental analysis and computational investigations, you will build a reliable model of the failure mechanisms of these parts, which in turn will be used to steer future material and process developments.

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