Metasurface: study of surface wave propagation in presence of periodic structures containing resonators.
Supervisor: Dr Anton Krynkin

A self-funded PhD project on the elastic/vibro-acoustic wave problems along metasurfaces is available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. The aim of this project is to develop and study the theoretical relationship between the metasurface characteristic properties (i.e. periodic scales and local resonances) and surface wave propagation. This will lead to developing a compact solution that enables engineers to design metasurfaces for various industrial applications. These applications include seismic barriers aimed at protecting buildings from catastrophic effect of seismic surface waves, damping of vibration in thin structures to protect sensitive engineering equipment, control and mode conversion of waves in elastic media.

This project will involve development of novel asymptotic model based on matching technique, validation of the analytical results with the numerical simulations, development of laboratory vibro-acoustical experiment to test the metasurface prototype.

The student will join a team of other researchers working on acoustic problems within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The research group is part of the European network of researchers with the interest in developments and applications of structured materials (metamaterials) which activities have been recently supported by the European funding programme COST ( As a PhD student, candidate will directly benefit from participation in conferences, training schools and funded collaboration with European researchers throughout the research project life.

Applicants should have a good MEng (or BEng/BSc or MSc) degree in an appropriate discipline. This may include one of the following disciplines: mechanics, civil engineering, material science, mathematics, applied mathematics and physics. 

Please contact Dr Anton Krynkin directly for further information:
Tel.: 01142227847
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