Large Eddy Simulation Around Buildings (LES)
Supervisor: Professor Lin Ma, Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Professor Derek B Ingham and Dr Ava Shahrokhi

Computational Wind Engineering has been developing rapidly over the last couple of decades. Among the numerical techniques, Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is capable of simulating complex unsteady turbulent flows, which is very useful for applications such as wind-induced noise/vibrations around buildings and structures. LES is among the top-notch and the most challenging CFD techniques. This project has three major parts.

1) Large eddy simulation using different subgrid-scale models.

2) Boundary condition studies: The correct top and bottom boundary condition that help to maintain the turbulence properties in the domain and also the use of the correct turbulence inlet properties and implementation.

3) Inflow generation: In order to implement LES around building, it is very important to simulate the wind effects correctly. This requires that the fluctuations of the flow to be initialized properly so that they can represent the wind in the computational domain. The main contribution of this project will be this last part which is also a very challenging part.

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