How and why might my 3D printed part fail?
Supervisors:Dr Inna Gitman, Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) of metallic parts has seen increasing interest from a range of industries. However, the layered structure of these materials, resulted from the manufacturing process, and a lack of knowledge about particularities of material microstructure, make it difficult to predict how and why part failures will occur. In this project we are looking to analyse mechanical fatigue loading of metallic (e.g. steel) Additive Manufactured components, through analysis of microstructure and fatigue mechanisms. These results will be directly applicable to high-end users such as automotive and aerospace sectors.

The project will feature both a numerical component (focused on developing a multi-scale modelling of a material and later embedding this into an existing commercial software package) and an experimental component (providing micro-structural characterisation in order to validate the multi-scale model.

Previous experience / requirements: Finite element modelling

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