Material formability enhancement under combined tension, bending, compression and cyclic shearing
Supervisor: Dr Hui Long

Incremental sheet forming (ISF) technology has shown a considerably formability improvement due to localized effects enhancing the material deformation stability and suppressing the development of material necking to delay fracture failures. Recent development of double side ISF (DISF) technology, using two forming tools at each side of the deforming sheet, has promised an even greater formability enhancement and higher forming precision than that of the conventional ISF processes.

This project investigates the material deformation of sheet metals when subjected to tension combined with bending, compression and cyclic shearing, a representation of deformation conditions under DISF. The formability enhancement will be characterized and compared to that under test conditions of pure tension, tension under compression, and tension under bending, respectively. Key test variables and various types of materials will be tested to qualify the formability enhancement and to compare with that in the DISF of the selected geometries and materials. Finite Element modelling of metal sheet deformation under the tested conditions will be performed, combining with the metallurgical investigation of the fracture region, to provide a thorough analysis of how greater plastic strains are achieved under combined tension, bending, compression and cyclic shearing condition in DISF.

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