Char conversion for oxyfuel in CFD calculations
Supervisor: Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Professor Lin Ma, Professor Derek B Ingham and Dr Alastair G Clements

The heterogeneous combustion of solid fuel particles is a complex process. Under oxyfuel conditions for CCS, where fuel is burned in the presence of high concentrations of carbon dioxide and water vapour, this process is more difficult to model due to these gas species competing to react with the carbon surface. Traditionally, simplified models have been used in CFD calculations to approximate this combustion behaviour, however with more powerful computing resources available, it is now possible to significantly increase the fidelity of models describing reactive particles. Research work is required to develop and validate these high fidelity methods for practical combustion systems of conventional and oxyfuel fired conditions, to evaluate the impact of these treatments, potentially improving the modelling capability for solid fuel combustion, which will help drive improvements to the efficiency and performance of such systems, providing improvements for future clean combustion systems.

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