Teaching and Assessment


You will be taught by experts from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and throughout the year you will be taught and assessed through a combination of methods such as:

  • lectures
  • tutorials
  • workshops
  • practical classes
  • coursework
  • exams
  • small group work
  • online modules 

A key component of our course is the research based project. This will give you practical experience of research in your chosen field. This is a major part of your degree and you will be allocated an academic supervisor who will provide advice and guidance throughout. The research project will be assessed via a written dissertation and oral presentation.

Our students will get the opportunity to tackle real-life problems; the range of project topics is diverse and reflects the expertise of staff or your personal interest.

Research projects offered in the past

Here are a few examples of research project titles that have previously been completed:

MSc (Research) Advanced Mechanical Engineering:

  • Finite Element Analysis and Design of PVC Plies
  • Numerical Simulation of a 2D Fractal Flow
  • Pressure Distribution in Suction Cups
  • Residual Stresses in Rolled Aluminium Alloys.

MSc (Research) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies:

  • In Process Wear Assessment of Ceramic Machining Inserts
  • 3D Tool Wear Assessment
  • In Process Engine Casing Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Productionisation of a Novel Pneumatic Engine Casing Fixture
  • Machine Performance Enhancement Through Passive Damping of Structural Vibration
  • Tool Point Volumetric Control System for 5-axis Machine Tools
  • Temperature Measurement in Metal Cutting.

MSc (Res) Aerodynamics and Aerostructures:

  • Development of Aerodynamic Optimisation
  • An Autonomous Flight System for a Mini-UAV
  • Impacts of Structural Health Monitoring on Improving Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aerodynamic Design for Solar Powered HALE Aircraft.