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Aviation fuels and additives: wc 8th April 2019

This MSc level course module for aviation fuels and additives is aimed at aerospace professionals working in areas affected by aviation fuels and additives e.g. new aviation fuel clearances, future equipment and sub-system design (fluids & gauging), process and strategy, in-service support, aviation fuel and additive production and processing.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of current practice in fuels approval and its limitations and some appreciation of likely new developments.
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between fuel type (origin and performance properties) / additives and the impact on aircraft and gas turbine safety, performance, emissions, material compatibility and reliability.
  • Have an appreciation of fuel performance and design limits to support the design, development, certification and in-service support of fuel related aircraft and gas turbine systems.
  • Be able to use fundamental knowledge of aviation fuels and additives to investigate new and emerging technologies through analysis of the fuel properties and performance in service.
  • Understand the role and impact fuels and additives can play on the environmental sustainability of the aerospace industry.
  • Be able to undertake investigation work of in-service fuel system and component problems and issues and interpret fuel analysis data.

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