Dr Patrick J Smith

BSc, PhD

Dr Patrick Smith


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kroto Research Institute
Broad Lane
S3 7HQ

Telephone: +44(0)114 222 7738
Fax: +44(0)114 222 7890

email : patrick.smith@sheffield.ac.uk


Dr Patrick J Smith was awarded a first class BSc degree in Applied Chemistry from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997, which he studied for part-time whilst working as Technical Officer for Ilford Ltd.

In 2002, he was awarded his PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge for his research into increasing the critical current density of bulk high-temperature superconductors.

He then had a number of post-doc positions working first with Brian Derby in Manchester (2002 – 2005), Ulrich Schubert in Eindhoven (2005 – 2007) and Jan Korvink (2007 – 2010).

In July 2010, he was appointed to the position of Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Areas of Research

Dr Smith's current research areas are additive manufacture, aerosol deposition, rapid prototyping, reactive inkjet printing, metal-organic decomposition inks and droplet behaviour on the substrate.

He is particularly interested in solution-based inks, particularly hybrid-containing inks and precursor inks for hybrids, and discovering cost-effective ways to make photovoltaic and electronic devices.

Research Projects (Funded)

As Principle Investigator:

  • "Inkjet printed sensors", Pennine Water Group (£6000)
  • "Security printing on copper cables", KTA R&D Collaborative Award (£33,625)
  • "Reactive inkjet printing and controlled crystallisation", Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (£121,459)

As Co-Investigator:

  • "Inkjet-assisted creation of self-healing layers between composite plies", European Office of Aerospace Research and Development ($50,000) PI: Prof. Alma Hodzic


Dr Smith teaches the following course:

  • Manufacturing Technology, MEC130

Selected Publications

  • Printed electronics: The challenges involved in printing receiver circuits, interconnects and contacts,
    Perelaer, J., Smith, P. J., Mager, D., Volkman, S., Soltman, D., Subramanian, V., Korvink, J. G., and Schubert, U. S. (2010),
    Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (39), pp. 8446-8453. 
    Online (open access)


  • An MRI receiver coil produced by inkjet printing directly on to a flexible substrate,
    Mager, D., Peter, A., Del Tin, L., Fischer, E., Smith, P. J., Hennig, J., and Korvink, J. G. (2010),
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 29 (2), pp. 482-487.
    Online (journal subscription required)


  • Room temperature preparation of conductive silver features using spin-coating and inkjet printing,
    Valeton, J. J. P., Hermans, K., Bastiaansen, C. W. M., Broer, D. J., Perelaer, J., Schubert, U. S., Crawford, G. P., and Smith, P. J. (2010),
    Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (3), pp. 543-546.
    Online (journal subscription required)


  • Terahertz metamaterials fabricated by inkjet printing,
    Walther, M., Ortner, A., Smith, P. J., Meier, H., Loffelmann, U., and Korvink, J. G. (2009),
    Applied Physics Letter, 95 (25), 251107.
    Online (journal subscription required)



  • Inkjet printing as a deposition and patterning tool for polymers and inorganic particles,
    Tekin, E., Smith, P. J., and Schubert, U. S. (2008),
    Soft Matter, 4 (4), pp. 703-713.
    Online (journal subscription required)


  • Inkjet printing of luminescent CdTe nanocrystal/polymer composites,
    Tekin, E., Smith, P. J., Hoeppener, S., Van den Berg, A. M. J., Susha, A. S., Feldman, J., Rogach, A. L., and Schubert, U. S. (2007),
    Advanced Functional Materials, 17 (1), pp. 23-28.
    Online (open access)


  • Geometric control of inkjet printed features using a gelating polymer,
    Van de Berg, A. M. J., de Laat, A. W. M., Smith, P. J., Perelaer, J., and Schubert, U. S. (2007),
    Journal of Materials Chemistry, 17 (7), pp. 677-683.
    Online (journal subscription required)


  • Direct inkjet printing and low temperature conversion of conductive silver patterns,
    Smith, P. J., Shin, D., Reis, N., Stringer, J., and Derby, B. (2006),
    Journal of Materials Science, 41 (13), pp. 4153-4158.
    Online (journal subscription required)


  • A low curing temperature silver ink for use in inkjet printing and subsquent production of conductive tracks,
    Dearden, A. L., Smith, P. J., Shin, D., Reis, N., Derby, B., and O'Brien, P. (2005),
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 26 (4), pp. 315-318.
    Online (journal subscription required)