Dr Bhupendra Khandelwal

CEng, MBA, PhD

Bhupendra KhandelwalLecturer

Low Carbon Combustion Centre
University of Sheffield,
Unit 2, Crown Works Industrial Estate
Rotherham Road, Sheffield,
S20 1AH, UK
Tel/Fax: +44-114-2223656

E-mail: b.khandelwal@sheffield.ac.uk 


Dr Bhupendra Khandelwal joined The University of Sheffield (Low Carbon Combustion Centre) in June 2012.  He is working on combustion, emissions and performance of alternative fuel to be used in gas turbine engines and other combustion sources. He is leading combustion and emissions research areas at Low Carbon Combustion Centre. Dr. Khandelwal is working closely with large range of industries, government organisations and universities including FAA, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, UK MOD and Dstl. Prior to this position, he held a researcher position in Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University, where he worked on gas turbine combustors.  While at Cranfield University, he technically led a team of 11 MSc Researchers for project related to combustors.  Dr Khandelwal completed his bachelors from India in 2008 and joined one of India‚Äôs top technical institutes, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as a research/project engineer.  He worked there for 2 years on topics related to micro combustion and spray combustion; during this time his work on combustion was widely published for various journals and conferences.  While working at The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Dr Khandelwal also completed his MBA in Project Management.  In addition to research, presently Dr Khandelwal is also responsible for delivering lectures, supervising MSc and PhD students on Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion in The Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Sheffield. 

Dr Khandelwal is a American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Member, Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) Member, ASME Combustion, Fuels and Emissions committee Member and AIAA Terrestrial Energy Systems Technical Committee Member. He is also recipient of a Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Scholar, ASME IGTI Student Scholar for two consecutive years 2011 and 2012 and the IMechE Grant along with 15 national/international scholarships/awards. He has also delivered guest lectures at different conferences including Aero India 2009.  Dr Khandelwal serves as the technical area organizer for AIAA conference and as a reviewer for different scientific journals.

Dr. Khandelwal has developed three novel ideas for gas turbine combustors and is in process of getting patent granted on them.  These combustors would help in decreasing emissions and fuel consumption in a gas turbine engine.  His research on fuels, emissions, combustion and combustors is widely published in journals and conferences.

Academic Qualifications

PhD Aerospace Engineering

MBA Project Management

BEng Mechanical Engineering

CiLT Learning and Teaching

Research Interests

Combustion, Micro Combustion, Gas Turbine Combustors, Alternative Fuels, PM Emissions, Gaseous Emissions, Hydrogen Combusiton, Hyrdrogen Combusters, Micro Combustors

Research Team

Dr Jonathan Knapton

Mr Ihab Ahmed

Mr James Cronly

Recent Research Projects

National Jet Fuel Combustion Program

UK MOD Fuels and lubricants: reducing cost of ownership



PM Measurement Instrument Comparisions

Effect of Aromatic Species on PM Emissions and Seals Compatability

Brief List of Awards and Achievements

  • Recipient of prestigious ASME IGTI Student Scholar 2011
  • Recipient of prestigious ASME IGTI Student Scholar 2012
  • Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Scholar 2012
  • Recipient of RAeS Grant 2011, 2012
  • Recipient of IMechE Grant.
  • Invited to deliver a talk at The Aero India 2009 International Seminar organized by Defence Research and Development Organization and Aeronautical Society of India.

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

  • Matthaiou I, Khandelwal B & Antoniadou (2017) Using Gaussian Processes to model combustion dynamics. ICSV24 Conference Proceedings View this article in WRRO
  • Matthaiou I, Khandelwal B & Antoniadou I (2016) Towards a condition monitoring scheme for combustion instability detection and fuel blends performance classification in gas turbine engines using pattern recognition and advanced machine learning. E-JOURNAL OF NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING View this article in WRRO
  • Ruslan M, Ahmed I & Khandelwal B (2016) Evaluating Effects of Fuel Properties on Smoke Emissions. Combustion, Fuels and Emissions, Vol. 4A, 13 June 2016 - 17 June 2016.
  • Matthaiou I, Khandelwal B & Antoniadou I (2016) Towards a condition monitoring scheme for thermoacoustic instability detection and fuel blend performance classification using machine learning. 8th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, EWSHM 2016, Vol. 4 (pp 2679-2688)
  • Roy S & Khandelwal B (2015) Comparison of gaseous and particulate emissions between Jet A-1 and severely hydro-processed fuel from conventional source. 13th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
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  • Akram M, Khandelwal B, Blakey S & Wilson CW () PRELIMINARY CALCULATIONS ON POST COMBUSTION CARBON CAPTURE FROM GAS TURBINES WITH FLUE GAS RECYCLE. ASME Turbo Expo 2013. San Antonio, 3 June 2013 - 7 June 2013.
  • Zheng L, Ahmed I, Ubogu E & Khandelwal B () Evaluation of impact on Lean Blowout Limit and ignition delay while using alternative fuels on gas turbine combustor. ISABE 2017 View this article in WRRO


  • Khandelwal B, Sethi V & Singh R (2012) Micromix combustor for gaseous hydrogen. Appl. 04 Jul 2012.