Why is this important for the Medical School?

The Medical School strives for excellence in all areas of teaching and research and we are committed to improving our working practices. One particular research focus is funding from NIHR for BRUs and BRCs and the Silver award for Athena SWAN Charter for Women in Science is now required for these University/NHS partnerships.

About the Charter

All Athena SWAN members sign up to the principles of the charter:

  • To recognise talents for all

  • To advance gender equality

  • To recognise disciplinary differences

  • To tackle the gender pay gap

  • To remove obstacles faced by women, particular, at major points of career development

  • To address the negative consequences of short-term contracts

  • To tackle discrimination against trans people

  • To demonstrate senior commitment

  • To make structural and cultural changes to advance gender equality

  • To consider intersectionality