Ongoing requirements & progress monitoring schemes

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Student attendance and progress monitoring

Being a research student is a different experience to being a taught student, or even being in full time employment and for many students, the first time that they are expected to work independently is during their postgraduate research degree programme. For this reason, it is important that you discuss your expectations with your supervisor, and discuss their expectations of you, from the start. From time to time, difficulties can arise. These can be relatively minor and easily resolved, but occasionally you will require support from other members of the supervisory team, the Postgraduate research tutors, or other members of staff in the Department or elsewhere in the University. The main thing to remember is to ask questions and ask for support when you need it. Never feel like you are on your own.

As a postgraduate research student, it is most important that you work steadily to achieve the goals of your work. In order to identify any problems relating to your supervision or progress at an early stage, in sufficient time to allow appropriate support to be offered, the attendance of all postgraduate research students will be monitored at a minimum of 12 compulsory interactions throughout the year. All students are obliged to adhere to University guidelines with regard to monitoring.

1. Supervisory Meeting Reports

The importance of having regular meetings with your supervisor(s) to discuss your progress cannot be over emphasised. You are required to have at least 12 documented meetings with your supervisor per annum and at least 6 of these meetings should be with both supervisors.  These meetings should take place at least once per month, with a supervisory meeting report being completed every month.  You will receive email reminders about these meetings, but it will be your responsibility to contact your supervisor(s) to arrange the meeting. You and your supervisor(s) should complete the supervisory meeting report form which is available to complete and submit in PebblePad.  Writing up students should also complete the relevant form in PebblePad. Copies should be retained of any completed forms as a record of these meetings. Your submitted supervisory meeting report form submitted to the SMR workspace in PebblePad is shared with both your Primary and Secondary Supervisors, along with relevant PGR Leads.

2. Personal Tutor Reports

You will be assigned your personal tutor once registered and are required to meet with them within one month of this, and then at least twice a year for the duration of your degree.
You will receive email reminders about these meetings, but it will be your responsibility to contact your personal tutor to arrange the meetings.

The purpose of these meetings is to allow you to reflect, in confidence, on your work and progress, and other issues that may arise with someone not directly concerned with your research.  The personal tutor is not expected to take part in day-today supervision, but should be available to provide you with advice and support in certain circumstances, or to deal with issues that you wish to raise. Personal tutors may also comment on any specific training needs that maybe beneficial to you.

In the unusual event of a significant problem being identified, the personal tutor will help facilitate resolution of the problem. This may involve signposting you to the appropriate support services, or by raising the issue with your supervisor, unless this is considered inappropriate in which case they will involve the PGR tutor or PGR Lead. 

Records of these meetings are required using the Personal Tutoring Report Form.  The completed form must be returned to after the meeting.

3. Annual SupervisorĀ“s Progress Report

Your supervisors are required to complete an Annual Progress Report for Research and Innovation Services in each year. This report should be completed via the electronic system in addition to the Supervisory Meeting Reports (see above).  You will receive email information from RIS on how to access the form.

4. Research Presentations in Years 2 and 3

Poster presentation

All students currently in the second year of their studies are expected to give a poster presentation of their work. The poster presentation day will be incorporated into the Annual School Research Meeting.  Feedback forms on poster presentations can be collected at the end of the meeting. Any student unable to attend will present at a later date.

Students in the 3rd year of study are required to give a 15 minute oral presentation.

All presentations will be judged by an academic panel and prizes will be awarded to the students judged to have the best poster and oral presentations. The panel will assess student performance in terms of presentation, analysis of results, perception and understanding of the project and its direction and handling of questions. The programme for the research presentation day will be circulated in advance to everyone in the School to encourage attendance on the day.