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Sheffield and our students...

Sheffield has a wide variety of speciliaties for you to choose from, therefore you can tailor your Elective placement to meet your learning objectives and to suit your area of interest.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your placement in one of Sheffields Teachings Hospitals, you will be able to experience one of the largest universities in the UK. The University of Sheffield is a world top-100 university renowned for excellence, impact and distinctiveness of our research-led learning and teaching. 

Being a student at Sheffield University, you will be part of the number one Students Union in the UK, allowing you to enjoy many of the hundreds of societies and exceptional facilities provided.


The latest Times Higher Student Experience Survey highlights just how special Sheffield is: we've been voted number one for student experience.

The extraordinary people, teaching, opportunities and city make your experience at Sheffield unrivalled anywhere in the UK.

Marjolein Venselaar, Netherlands

 "Sheffield is a very green and lively city. Although it might not be known for its city highlights, there are a lot of things you can visit.
If you have the chance, try to take part in the fresher's fever, it's the best way of getting to know people. A good alternative are the many activities in the Student's Union.
Within the Neurology department are a lot of super specialties like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and MS. Visiting one of the clinics is a good way of learning more about any of these subjects."

Nour Al Mouselem, Syria

"It was really a very good experience for me. Travelling and living alone was a great challenge. Everyone in Sheffield were really friendly! I loved working with all of the staff in the hospitals, they helped me alot! I really appreciate the amazing effort that the Elective team did for me to make my life dream come true. I would like to say Thank You from my heart for all of your help!"

Maria Sol Cabrera, Argentina

"My experience in Sheffield was a surprise... The people were very kind, always willing to help me. In the hospital all the doctors and registrars that I knew taught me all that they were able to... I am always going to keep the memory of that amazing month in Sheffield; it is an experience that I recommend. It made me grow a lot."

Carmen Reusch, Germany

"I did a clinical elective in several fields of surgery in Sheffield. I liked the British system because I learned a lot from the consultants - from their teaching as well as from observing them dealing with patients, doing procedures etc. If I had the choice I would definitely do it again!"

Thaanveer Singh, Malaysia

It was really good! I wish I could have a second chance to do my electives again in Sheffield. Wonderful place as well. God bless! Everything worked well - please keep it up 100% Awesome!

Andrew Brocklehurst, UK

"Great flexibility - allows you to choose what you're interested in. Lots of oppourtunities in clinics to expose to a wide range. Good interactive and enthusiastic teaching. Keen to help involve me in career building tasks - Loved it."

Muhammad Tajuddin, Malaysia

"It was a precious moment to do my elective in Sheffield. Different culture from Malaysia however it is good! This placement really helped me as everyone was very encouraging and nice and they helped me be a less shy person. I would recommend Sheffield to other students!"